Health & Fitness

HAVE A GOAL! Whether it’s time, distance, reps, etc. make sure you set a goal and test yourself each time you work out. Don’t be on autopilot. If you play a sport find exercises that are specific to that sport and will properly train your body. If you don’t know what routine you should do speak to a trainer at your gym or your coach.

It’s very important to stay flexible. Make sure to always warm up properly and stretch when you are finished with your workout. Everything is connected so if one area of your body is tight it will affect the rest of your muscles. Also, after every workout make sure to work your abs. Strong abs not only helps build your core (muscles that support your spine) but also helps strengthen and support your back muscles.

My Routine: On non-game days I always do cardio. If the weather is nice I will go for a three mile jog outside. If I’m at the gym I do 25 minutes on the Eliptical at resistance 6 Then I’ll get on the treadmill and do 10 minutes on level 7 then I’ll do 30 second sprints on level 11. This helps me simulate and train for the bursts of speed that I need during a game. After cardio I do push-ups, situps and use rubber bands to strengthen my shoulders.

Remember to be active every day. Your strength is your POWER!